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Have your child successfully peeing and pooping in the toilet in a matter of days. Significantly cut down the training time, so you can spend less time stressing and more time teaching and connecting.

“Success with Potty Training!” shows you how to:

●     Model and roleplay using the potty.

●     Help your child understand what you’re doing.

●     Motivate your child.

●     Problem solve.

●     Help your child recognize the process of potty training.

●     Do naps and nighttime training.

●     Succeed on car trips, outings, and more.

●     Leave your potty training child in someone’s care while you’re at work.

This book comes with:

★     Supply list

★     Pre-assessment/ readiness checklist

★     Plan outline

★     Bathroom steps chart — with cute pictures!

    Downloadable as well!

With the Success with Potty Training method, you will:

●     NEVER clean pee and poop out of a little plastic potty! 

●     SAY GOODBYE TO buying expensive pull ups!

●     STOP having to wash poopy training underwear!


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Download your free bathroom steps chart! Get a motivational progress chart! See my plan outline!

What's in the Book?

Chapter 1: The Problem

Chapter 2: The Real Goal and Your Role as the Coach

Chapter 3: A Focused, and Motivated Child

Chapter 4: Is My Child Ready?

Pre-Assessment Checklist

Chapter 5: Supplies

Supplies Quick List

Chapter 6: Getting a Little Bum on a Big Toilet

Chapter 7: Here We Go! I'll Take You Step-by-Step

Step #1 Teach and Model

Step #2 Motivate

Step #3 Helping A Lot!

Chapter 8: Step #4 Problem Solve

The Three Types of Problems

Problem #1: Understanding

Problem #2: Motivational

Problem #3: Behavioral
Chapter 9: Accidents

Chapter 10: Training for Naps and Night

Chapter 11: It’s All You Kid

Taking a Break

Chapter 12: The Scoop on Poop

Chapter 13: More Help!

First Time Out of the House

Car Trips


Proper Wiping


Chapter 14: I Have to Go to Work!

Plan Outline

Bathroom Steps Chart